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Starter Packages

We've updated our starter packages to allow for flexibility to meet your needs. Start with the base and decide which coop option works best for you. The basic coop is the go to starter coop and what we use for our two hen rentals. This is not a lifetime coop but provides a lower price point for those that want to start small and see where the journey leads. The Omlet coops provide great portability, durability, and ease of cleaning.  We also partner with a local builder to provide a handmade wooden coop option. These are study, functional, and stationary coops that look great! Since we use Options A and B for our rentals, these are the ones we have on-site. Other options require at least a two week pre-order wait period. 

Starter Package Base- $200

2 hens, feeder, waterer, one bag of food, bedding, educational book, and delivery

Coop Options

Option A: basic coop and assembly (2 hen capacity) +$300


Option B: small Omlet coop and assembly (Eglo Go w/ 6 ft run)(4 hen capacity) +$600

Option C: large Omlet coop and assembly (Eglo Cube w/ 9 ft run)(8 hen capacity) +$1600


Option D: small handmade wooden coop (4 hen capacity) +$600

Option E: large handmade wooden coop (8 hen capacity) +$1300

Option F: like a coop we don't provide? Purchase a pre-made coop of your choice and we will assemble on site + $150


Optional Add Ons
+ wheels and handles for Omlet coops $150
+ additional hens $30 each

+ we can quote and provide some custom coop modifications to a existing coop following an on-site consultation














Chickens for Sale

The majority of our chickens we buy from a hatchery. This allows us to offer a better guarantee of females, have vaccinated chicks, and provide a wider assortment of breeds without the hassel of multiple roosters on our farm. We get a brown egg layer assortment that comes with a wide variety of colored birds that are great for first time backyard flocks.  Typical breeds may include (but are not limited to) Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, Orpington, Wyandotte, and Australorp. 

Chicks- $8

Get on our reservations list for chicks this spring! Week-old chicks are $8 each and +$1 for each week of age based on availability. Chicks younger than two months require a separate brooding environment, including heat and chick feed. Don't want to brood chicks? Reserve them as pullets! 

Pullets- $20

Pullets are young females that are fully feathered and able to maintain their body temperature. If you are integrating into an existing flock or would prefer to start with older birds, this is a great option. Reserve as chicks and pick up at two months of age. Expect to get eggs at six months of age. 

Hens- $30

Our hens are any birds that are currently laying eggs. These are currently only available with the purchase of a starter package.


Reservation List

Get on our reservation list for this spring! We don't require a deposit so there is no risk to signing up. First come, first serve! We will open a waitlist when our quotas are reached with reservations. Select which list you would like to be added to.  Birds must be picked up from our farm in Highfill, Arkansas.

You're on the list!

We will follow up the week before our chicks arrive.

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