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Backyard Chickens,


We're glad you're here! We are here to be your guide on a stress free and enjoyable backyard chicken journey. We have a passion for sharing our love and knowledge of fresh food and happy chickens. We do this through hen rentals, starter packages, and educational experiences. 

Our mission is to provide the easiest way to experience backyard chickens, learn about agriculture, and enjoy fresh eggs.

Let's Get Started!


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"I would highly recommend Hens at Home to anyone who's ever been curious about owning backyard hens.  We had always wanted to try but weren't sure if our family was ready for such a big commitment.  It was the best experience.  Through Hens at Home, we learned firsthand about animal husbandry while building the connection between farm and table.  We were constantly surprised by the things we learned, i.e. dust baths!  We loved having these special members in our family, and the eggs were incredible. So grateful to Eleni and Hens at Home for the opportunity."
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