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Backyard Chickens, Simplified

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Surprise your loved ones with the gift of a chicken rental! With your purchase, we will prepare a festive package, featuring a handmade chicken ornament personalized with the recipient's name(s) and a special code to redeem their rental. This one-of-a-kind present is guaranteed to bring joy and laughter to the holidays!

Please note that there are no refunds, so ensure that your special someone is permitted to host backyard chickens (we can assist if you're unsure).

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Our Mission

Hens at Home provides laying hen rentals and sales as the easiest way to experience backyard chickens, learn about agriculture, and enjoy fresh eggs.

Why Rent Hens?

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Fresh Eggs Daily

Our Equipment

Our Knowledge

Loveable Hens

A Fun Experience!

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You DON'T Need

To Live in the Country

Farming  Experience

A Long Term Commitment


Want to Buy Instead?

We can help with that too!



"We had such a great experience with Hens at Home during the summer of 2021. The chickens were delivered to our house and settled in their coop with food and water for us. My family (including our 1 and 4 year olds) had such a good time getting to know them, taking care of them and collecting eggs. We spent hours watching them peck around our yard and enjoying their individual personalities. Having the chickens led to so many conversations about how eggs are made and how important taking care of our animals is with my kiddos. It was the perfect way to experience chickens and get fresh eggs without the worry of raising baby chicks and keeping them warm when winter came." 

— Katharine


"I would highly recommend Hens at Home to anyone who's ever been curious about owning backyard hens.  We had always wanted to try but weren't sure if our family was ready for such a big commitment.  It was the best experience.  Through Hens at Home, we learned firsthand about animal husbandry while building the connection between farm and table.  We were constantly surprised by the things we learned, i.e. dust baths!  We loved having these special members in our family, and the eggs were incredible. So grateful to Eleni and Hens at Home for the opportunity."

— Colleen

"It's a fun experience to interact with chickens. My favorite part was collecting eggs everyday and letting the girls out to run.  I was *almost* successful teaching Pumpkin and Maple how to jump over a stick." 

— Charles, Age 8

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"Hens at Home is a no brainer if you’re considering yard birds! This company makes it silly easy to interact with nature, teach responsibility, and feed our family the best eggs. Eleni not only delivered the cutest coop and the goodest girls, but she brought enough feed to last weeks and spent time to set me up for sweet success with my new chickens. This experience gave me the confidence to grow my backyard flock. Now I can’t imagine my house without them!"

— Liz

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